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It started with the crop circles... followed by the disappearance of cattle.  Then he appeared. He was obviously Old Order Amish. He did and said everything right but no one knew what family or farm he belonged to.  He worked in the fields and barn raising's like everyone else and was in every respect just like one of them except for his silver eyes. Despite his quiet and respectful demeanor the community of Bird-in-Hand was leery of him.  Every-one avoided him; except for Rebecca Esh...two star-crossed lovers whose romance not only endangers the Amish family who takes him in but puts the world he and his brother come from in great peril.



If you had one deep, heartfelt wish what would it be? Then suppose that wish came true in story form and it was nothing like what you expected but was exactly what you needed to hear?

Make a Wish is a collection of short stories written as
gifts for real people. Each story was created either because I was inspired to do so or because I received a "wish fulfillment" request.  Each story is preceded by a paragraph that describes the person for whom the wish was written, what their wish was and why.