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Hi everyone!

It's been a really long time since I have posted. Having run into so many walls with regard to my books I guess you could say that I have taken a break.

I do, however, have some potentially good news.  I received a call from a friend who is on my county's board of Education out of the blue last weekend. Seems that the elections are coming up this June and we have the opportunity to elect Christians/Tea Party candidates to the Board and if we are successful, they will have a super majority. So I would like to ask for all of you to pray for the following people and for God's will to be done.

This gentleman has been research Common Core for the past 14 months and what he has learned is keeping him up at night it is SO BAD. He wants to make sure that Common Core is not welcome into our school district. At the moment I am typing this, a commercial came on the television for Common Core (coincidence?) - from what I am hearing so far, my friend is battling the gates of hell with regard to this "teaching methodology". It seems like it is more about dumbing down our kids and turning them into sex-obsessed illiterates than education them in the three R's! One example is an illustrated book for 4th graders demonstrating with cartoons how to masturbate and put a condom on. THIS STUFF DOES NOT BELONG IN SCHOOL! 

Also, he hopes that if these two people get elected, to put my book, The Victor and its lesson plan into all the public schools to get the Gospel to kids from grades 6-12th grade. The Victor is Lexile scored at 1060 (Harry Potter which is in the reading lists for schools is 1030). For those of you who home school, I created a lesson plan to go with the book (The Victor is suitable for ages 10 - adult). It is this lesson plan that will accompany the book into the public schools, I hope.

So please pray for Tom Pollitt, who is a Christian and a leader in the Tea Party for Costa Mesa, CA.
Also pray for Linda Lindholm, who is running for the Board of Education in the Mission Viejo, CA District.
Pray also for my friend, Robert Hammond - he really needs the Lord's strength, protection, blessing and guidance!

Also Saturday, April 6, 2014 at 10:30 am PDT ( I will be interviewed on a blog radio hosted by Richard Rossi. I hope you will tune in to listen while you are having your lox and bagels!

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