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The Victor has been Lexile scored at 1060 and
is worth 15 Accelerated Reader Points
Castles, knights, and kings. Drama, intrigue, and betrayal. Good vs. evil. Right and wrong. Choices and consequences. All of these tantalizing tidbits and more are expertly woven into The Victor, a riveting allegory of the greatest love story of all time. 

From the first page of the prologue, author Marlayne Giron quickly draws the reader into the medieval tale, making this a hard book to put down! There's Baron Lucius, who used to be King Eloth's trusted steward but is now a traitor, a power-hungry manipulator who wants possession of Ephlal, a mysterious and powerful sword that belongs to the king. Lucius will stop at nothing to obtain it, including the disposal of the lives of men who inexplicably serve him. Though saddened and disappointed at the betrayal, the king wants Lucius and his men brought back to him alive by his elite guard. The king's seraphim don't understand their orders, but they carry them out anyway--in a way that they hope will humiliate Lucius.

Presented to the king in the court to be judged, Lucius is unrepentant, and the spectators are giddy as they are sure that he will be found guilty and condemned to a painful death. However, Eloth does something kingly: he refuses to inflict the death penalty and instead offers mercy. The crowd is shocked. Lucius is livid, believing the mercy to be one final humiliation and still refusing repentance. Eloth strips Lucius of all titles and possessions and then personally cuts the rope of the ship The Dark Angel from The Morning Star flagship. Lucius screams threats as Eloth turns away and murmurs about how far Lucius has fallen. . . And that's just the prologue!

It's not hard to see who's who as the story unfolds. The characters are multi-dimensional and realistic. The supporting cast is believable and necessary. The writing is colorful, clear, and not too wordy. I would recommend that this novel be used for middle to high school students, both boys and girls. Although it could be read as a pleasure book, it has so much to offer that I'd suggest finding a place for it in the classroom, book club, or youth group setting.

The comb-bound Lesson Plan booklet includes more detailed information on the author and her journey to publishing The Victor. It also offers a pronunciation key for the unusual names in the novel. Then it gets into the meat of the lessons: vocabulary lists for every chapter, a character trait guide, chapter summaries, and an outline of literary devices used. The remaining (and bulk) of the lesson plans go chapter by chapter, indicating significant quotes or passages and then asking questions pertaining to that segment of the book. Most of the queries are straightforward, black and white, pointing out details or literary methods; however, and perhaps more significantly, some of the questions are introspective and help the student internalize the story better. The Lesson Plan booklet ends with a theme chart and references section.

This is a beautiful representation of the story of God's love for us. I am in favor of that point being emphasized and reiterated in as many ways as possible. This novel will appeal to both young and mature adults, and it could be a way to reach those who wouldn't normally pick up a Bible. Not only is The Victor a timeless story with a profound message, the Lesson Plans make it a natural addition to the classroom, helping the student and teacher focus on such things as literary techniques and reading comprehension.

This is a book that will stay on our bookshelf long after it has been used in our homeschool - except for when I lend it out to those who need or want a reminder of God's love for us!

Product review by Krystin Corneilson, 
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2010

My Sweet Encounter with Death

I met a very interesting woman yesterday through a mutual friend. Her name is Ana Christina (pen name). She is from Egypt and her entire family is Coptic Christians.  Although she grew up in a very loving Christian home and was very successful in her professional life, she was the unfortunate victim of two men (her first husband who was a narcissist) and her second (who was a sociopath) who secretly poisoned her for weeks until panicking and giving her a extra big dose before she was scheduled to leave the country to visit family in order to collect on her life insurance.

What these two men did to this loving, gentle woman was beyond despicable. What made it all the more poignant for me was the fact that one of my best friends is going through almost the exact same thing with her (soon to be ex) narcissist husband who had her wrongfully arrested and thrown into jail for 2 days on false charges.

The Holy Spirit prepared Ana spiritually for what she was about to go through in the moments preceding her death.  She lay helpless, completely paralyzed in bed from the poison he had given her but in God’s peace while her husband succeeded in smothering her to death.  She went to heaven, saw Jesus and has related her experience in her recent book, “My Sweet Encounter with Death”.

Her book is very short, it can be easily read in an hour but is very impactful and helpful to those who are struggling with forgiving people in their own lives who have done them wrong.  Here is my review of her book:

I love reading stories like this because my own spiritual walk is so "un-supernatural". Reading stories like this, I get to live vicariously through the authors. What I was most struck by was the similarities between Ana's story and that of a close friend of mine who is now going through the same things Ana did with her first husband who was a narcissist.

I also very much appreciated how the author prefaced her story with the fact that she was just "an ordinary person"; no one special; which I can very much relate to and yet her story is so amazing!! Ana is very relate-able and my heart just hurt for all that she has been though and was gratified to see her supernaturally comforted and rescued by our Lord and Savior.

I had the privilege to meet this dear sweet woman in person and am looking forward to speaking more with her one on one and to learn where the Lord is leading her now in these last days.

If you don't have much time to read but love to read about real experiences with the Lord and heaven, this books is a must read. Very encouraging and uplifting! FIVE STARS!

If you love reading about true life after death experiences, this book is for you!

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The Last Person on Earth I'd expect to go into the Military....

My husband and I are part of the baby boom generation; the generation whose parents served in World War II. My dad was in the army and my father-in-law was in the Navy.

My older sister and her husband, although teenagers in the 1960's and part of the "flower children" who grew up to be more liberal in their mindsets raised two sons, both of whom were Eagle Scouts, attended the Naval Academy and are now serving as Lieutenants (one as a submariner and the other as a nuclear engineer). In 2006 I got to attend the graduation of my older nephew (who when he was 5 years old was the ring bearer in my wedding) at Annapolis. That was an amazing week. I got to see the Marine Silent Rifle Drill, hear the men's Glee Club sing and watch the Blue Angels perform tricks and do a fly-over before the graduation that just barely cleared the top of the football stadium. The picture below was taken by us when they flew past. We were in the top level and at eye level with the blue angels!

Here is Karina with her cousins Blake on the left who graduated in 2007 and Grant who graduated in 2006.

I never considered my family a career military family so when my daughter announced nonchalantly about a year ago that if college didn't work out (which it didn't) that she would look into going into the army. I didn't take her seriously but said nothing. She was not the type of girl to exercise regularly, was not disciplined by any stretch of the imagination nor responsible when it came to her own person life habits.

All that plus the fact that she was barely 94 lbs dripping wet; we had out doubts but last January we bid her goodbye and prayed for the best.  She really took charge of herself to pass the tests, put on the needed weight (she just barely made the minimum by 1/2 pound) and "shipped out".

On the left her costume for Halloween. On the right - the real deal.

For the next six weeks we had total radio silence and looked forward to getting her hand-written two page letters letting us know what she was going through and to keep praying.

This past Thursday, April 3, to our immense relief and ever-lasting pride, our daughter graduated from boot camp, able to do 47 push-ups and 49 sit-ups and completing a 12.5 mile march with a rucksack that was 1/3 her body weight that concluded at 3:00 am.

We were unable to attend the graduation but she posted the photos of herself which I used to make the celebration video below. Enjoy!

How a Jewish girl found her Messiah and was inspired to write a book about him

I hope you will take just 30 minutes to listen to the interview. I ended up blubbering on the air about my friend Kathy who passed away 2 years ago.

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The latest news...

Hi everyone!

It's been a really long time since I have posted. Having run into so many walls with regard to my books I guess you could say that I have taken a break.

I do, however, have some potentially good news.  I received a call from a friend who is on my county's board of Education out of the blue last weekend. Seems that the elections are coming up this June and we have the opportunity to elect Christians/Tea Party candidates to the Board and if we are successful, they will have a super majority. So I would like to ask for all of you to pray for the following people and for God's will to be done.

This gentleman has been research Common Core for the past 14 months and what he has learned is keeping him up at night it is SO BAD. He wants to make sure that Common Core is not welcome into our school district. At the moment I am typing this, a commercial came on the television for Common Core (coincidence?) - from what I am hearing so far, my friend is battling the gates of hell with regard to this "teaching methodology". It seems like it is more about dumbing down our kids and turning them into sex-obsessed illiterates than education them in the three R's! One example is an illustrated book for 4th graders demonstrating with cartoons how to masturbate and put a condom on. THIS STUFF DOES NOT BELONG IN SCHOOL! 

Also, he hopes that if these two people get elected, to put my book, The Victor and its lesson plan into all the public schools to get the Gospel to kids from grades 6-12th grade. The Victor is Lexile scored at 1060 (Harry Potter which is in the reading lists for schools is 1030). For those of you who home school, I created a lesson plan to go with the book (The Victor is suitable for ages 10 - adult). It is this lesson plan that will accompany the book into the public schools, I hope.

So please pray for Tom Pollitt, who is a Christian and a leader in the Tea Party for Costa Mesa, CA.
Also pray for Linda Lindholm, who is running for the Board of Education in the Mission Viejo, CA District.
Pray also for my friend, Robert Hammond - he really needs the Lord's strength, protection, blessing and guidance!

Also Saturday, April 6, 2014 at 10:30 am PDT ( I will be interviewed on a blog radio hosted by Richard Rossi. I hope you will tune in to listen while you are having your lox and bagels!

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