Audio Book Give Away of Make a Wish - $25.00 value

My second book, Make a Wish is an audio book. You can download the book and save it to CD Rom to play on your car stereo (it takes 9 discs). It is 10 hours of inspirational short stories that will  bless your heart. If you would like to win a free download this is what you have to do:

1) Tweet the link to my page on Audible.

2) Post the link on your Facebook page(s).

3) Share on your blog.

4) Post the link anywhere else you are socially connected.

5) Send me a private email with links to all your postings.

Each above posting is worth a point.  If you have read the paperback version of Make a Wish and include a review you have written (or write a new one for this event) that will count as 2 points.

Copy and paste the link below into all your social media.



I will choose a winner by September 28th.

Here is my email: