Flight to Heaven

Probably like many of you, I am especially fascinated by stories of believers who have died and seen heaven.     Last year I read the Colton Burpo best seller "Heaven is for Real" and was blown away. I have to admit that I have become a bit jaded though.  There have been quite a few people who made the speaking and Christian television circuit a mainstay of their ministry based upon visions and experiences they have had only to be exposed later as charlatans making merchandise from the flock of God.

When I saw the video of Captain Dale Black a few days ago I was really struck by his unabashed emotions as he related his story. I think it was the first time I ever saw someone weep as they described their experience with heaven and it told me that this guy was the real deal. (Youtube video below - there are about 6 of them).

I ordered the book from Amazon and read it in a few days and was struck by the man's integrity. He waited 40 years to tell his story. Not even his wife heard about it until 2009 even though she had suspected he had had an "experience". He spent the majority of his life serving the Lord as a pilot and of late has even sold his home and business at the Lord's leading to live completely by faith. After 40 years he was given "permission" to tell his story.

This is not so much a review as it is a recommendation. This man is the real deal and his story is compelling. I  find myself envious of the relationship he has with the Lord as a result of his visit to heaven and how God has worked in his life to bring the Gospel to others. That is the focus of his book; how much God loves you, me and the lost and how He longs to touch them through us who believe.


  1. I have also read this book and I was powerfully impacted by it. Dale Black is an amazing man and you can tell he has a wonderful relationship with the Lord. Excellent, highly recommended reading!

  2. Hubby watched a show on the technical side of this, and recently a friend actually gave us the book!