My daughter graduates from High School Tomorrow

It's hard to believe this day has finally come. It seems like just last year we met and adopted our 3-1/2 year old little girl with the large brown eyes and dimples. School has not been easy for our daughter. She has ADHD and has struggled with motivation all of her life. Getting straight A's was never high on her list of priorities. More than financial issues, our daughter's struggles with school has been the primary source of friction in our family and major sore point.  Now she is getting ready to fly on her own. Despite all my fears about adopting a child through the county, our daughter has grown up into a lovely young lady and a good girl.

Her next venture will be attending a local community college, looking for part-time work and baby-sitting until she can become a full time nanny.

In two weeks we will be having a large family and friend graduation celebration at our home and as a special gift I made the 4 "music" videos below for our guests to watch. They all feature my daughter. Each one (except for Graduation) is about 2 minutes long. Enjoy!

The first one is in honor of Father's Day and the special relationship that Karina shares with her daddy.

The second video is about girls just wanting to have fun.

The third video features pictures that show Karina off at all ages at significant milestones.

The last video features all of her school photos (except for the two I can't find) and photos from her last year as a senior.

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  1. She is definitely a beautiful young lady. You can see she has grown from a vibrant, beautiful child into this vibrant and beautiful young woman. I send my blessings and best wishes for her and her future.