If You Won the Lottery...

What would you do to change the world for the better?

What would you do for others?

What would you do for yourself? (This is where you can let your dreams run wild)

Okay, I want honest answers and just to show that I mean it, I will post what I would do if I won a lot of money.

If I won the lottery this is what I would do:
  1. Pay off all my debt including my house and finish the renovations.
  2. Pay off the debts of all my friends and family who are really hurting and provide what they need.
  3. Donate large chunks to Focus on the Family and other worthy Christian charities.
  4. Travel to all the places on my bucket list.
  5. Sock away the rest to earn interest.
  6. Invest in a B&B in Napa or Santa Barbara and maybe even buy a vacation cottage somewhere.

Along these lines, I write wish fulfillment stories as gifts for people so when someone asked me to write a story where they would win the lottery so they could help other people I found it to be a REAL challenge. The subject matter would not make for a very inspirational short story but I had committed to writing one so what could I do? I began to ask questions to see if "inspiration" would strike. After asking several questions that got me nowhere I finally asked where the person worked. Suntrust Bank. That's when the light bulb went on over my head! I typed away furiously and truly feel that this particular story was divinely inspired to re-prioritize what we hold to be valuable on this earth.

So just in case, you're curious; here is an excerpt from this story. If you would like to read the rest (or any of the other 35 short, wish fulfillment stories), you can either order Make a Wish from this blog or  Purchase Make a Wish from Amazon

"Something New Under the Son"

            Martha is a bank teller in North Carolina and has a very big heart. Her wish was to win a lot of money in the lottery so she could help her church, family and friends provide for the needs of the congregation,  pay off debts, provide homes and even some much needed and overdue vacations in return for the years of care and nurturing provided to her family by others.  I always pray before I write each story and ask God to give me the inspiration not to necessarily answer a “laundry list” of requests, but to deeply bless the heart and soul of the person who has asked for a story. I hope that the following Wish Fulfillment Story does all that.

            Martha woke up with a start.  Instead of taking her lunch break with her friend at the bank or running errands, today she had decided to roll down the windows, eat then take a short little snooze, setting her cell phone to wake her up ten minutes before she was to be back on “duty”. She was incredibly groggy and did not immediately recognize her surroundings. She was still parked in the one shady spot in the employee lot, and her bank looked the same but there was a long line of people going in and then coming out with what appeared to be sacks of money. That woke her up fast! Were they all robbing the bank?
            She bolted out of her car and was ready to dash inside, when a gentle hand restrained her. She fumbled in her purse for the bottle of mace; panic stricken.
            “Peace unto you,” said the calming voice of the tall stranger. Martha looked up, up up and felt her jaw going slack. The man next to her was at least 12’ tall, gorgeous, was glowing softly and had two large wings spreading outwards from his back.
            “Wha-wha-what are you?” Martha gaped.
            “I’m your Guardian Angel, dearest,” he replied, his blue eyes twin pools of pure love and adoration.
            Martha clutched at her heart…this was it! It was her time to die and God had sent her angel to come get her!
            Her angel put his arm about her and pulled her back up to an upright stand (as she had been sinking lower and lower). She could feel strength and love pouring into her body wherever he touched her.
            “What is your name?” she asked, unable to tear her eyes away from his incredible face.
            “Ooniemme,he smiled at her. “It is translated as ‘gratitude’ in Earthly terms.”
            Martha nodded and then her attention was diverted back to the line of people exiting her bank, carrying sacks of money. She dialed 9-1-1 but Ooniemme took her cell phone and waved his hand over it. It went dead.
            “But they’re stealing the bank’s money!” she hissed in a panic. “I need to get the police here right away!”
            “Take a better look,” Ooniemme said, gesturing to the sign over the building. Martha looked up at the signage. Same navy blue graphics; same sunburst logo. She shrugged, feeling very dumb. “Closer,” he encouraged her. She looked up and squinted her eyes…”SONTRUST BANK”. It was spelled wrong.
            She looked back at the 12’ tall Angel; enlightenment beginning to dawn. She looked at her surroundings…no parking lot, no strip mall…just the bank and a line of people as far as the eye could see going in and going out. She started to feel dizzy.


  1. 1. Pay off school loans
    2. Buy a Christian camp and put my husband in charge as the director
    3. Donate a lot of money to a couple specific missions organizations we support such as Awana, Urban Impact, Mongolian Bible translation, etc.
    4. Go on a shopping spree buying books on amazon with leftover money
    5. Pay someone to make an amazing database and input the entries from my blog into it so I could truly start promoting a database of all Christian Teen Fiction books in existence!

  2. 1. Pay off all debts and complete all home improvements.
    2. Pay off all my children's debts.
    3. Pay off grandson's student loans and pay for the rest of his schooling.
    4. Set aside a scholarship fund for my granddaughter and future grandchildren.
    5. Set up trust funds for my grandchildren.
    6. Take my family on a wonderful vacation.
    7. Set aside money for my youngest daughter's wedding.
    8. Help friends who are in situations of financial hardship.
    9. Buy or build a simple vacation home on Lake Michigan.
    10. Put a portion of the winnings in savings to use for living expenses for the rest of our days here on earth.
    11. Donate the remaining money to various charities in the United States, American Cancer Society, Hospice, American Heart Assn, food banks, groups helping abused women and children, local homeless shelters, etc. The needs are many in our community. My desire is to help those in my own community who are so many times overlooked. Too many times our money goes overseas when our next-door neighbors are hurting and suffering.

  3. Pray and ask the Lord for wisdom and disernment on how to handle that large amount and to teach me how to be a good stewart even while blessing my family.

  4. What a wonderful hook! Love SonTrust Bank - wouldn't it be cool if there was a spiritual connection to why they chose that name. Thanks for writing. Now you've got me wondering what I'd do if I won BIG.

  5. Thanks everyone for leaving your comments. I am noticing a definite common trend here in the wishes.

  6. Thanks everyone for leaving your comments. I am noticing a definite common trend here in the wishes.

  7. If I won the lottery I would have to find out who entered me into the lottery because I don't gamble. :)

  8. wow, fantastic short story and makes me think about what I'd do.
    I know for certain, I'd pay off any debt, move even more rural and sustainable.
    I work with entrepreneurs who are single moms, unemployed,etc trying to get their business off the ground with little or no money. I could give them a boost somehow. Maybe updating my software and computers to offer theme even more services at little or no cost. I'd hope to be able to carry two very hard working mompreneurs for a year to get them on the way to success.
    Depending on the winnings, there is one woman with a daughter I'd love to pay for her dream home and first year expenses for her and her daughter.She wants to use her dream home to further her business in helping other women.
    Oh gee, seems the list goes on of so many that need help and just a chance.
    Thanks for making me think further about this again, Marlayne.

  9. "If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!mawaddainternationalaid

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