CONTEST: You Own Personal Story!

Contest Rules

I will write a wish fulfillment story for one lucky person. It will be published in my next "Make a Wish" book. You will star as the main character in your own story. Here are the rules to be entered:

  1. You must be a member (follower) of my blog (for that you will either need a twitter account or a gmail account). Or you can follow me thru Networked blogs.
  2. You need to post a comment about what your wish is then email me privately at: because I will need to ask you more information in order to write your story.
The winning story will have their story posted (after approval) on my blog which can then be shared on your own social media. I use only first names in the stories and can include family members or good friends. All stories will be G-rated and inspirational.


  1. If I have one desire it's to fulfill God's call to plant a church and establish the healing house for abused kids in Colorado. My heart is so burdened for this state, I can't stop praying day or night.

  2. Tina, That is a GREAT wish. I will pray for that with you!

  3. Hi Tanguella - thank you so much for leaving a comment and following my blog! There will be some more book giveaways! I love your name!

  4. I would love to see manifested healing now like when Lazarus was raised from the dead and the lame man took up his bed and walked. I believe in the power of healing and I believe that his power lies within us followers of Christ. For my heart is truly in Heart of Compassion which is an agency for the elder that seeks individuals to go into the community and nursing home to minister and lay healing hands on the elderly and disabled.