She Could Have Danced All Night...

My daughter just went to her senior prom. She looked absolutely beautiful. It almost could have been a disaster because her boyfriend of 2.5 months broke up with her one month before the prom. Thank God he didn't do it the week of prom! In the space of 1 month she was able to get over her first heartbreak and find a suitable gentlemen by the name of Charlie to fill in. It was almost another disaster when Charlie came down with the flu the week before but fortunately his mom has her priorities right! She made him miss school for 2 whole days just so he could recover in time to escort our daughter.

As fate would have it, when my husband went to Charlie's home to pick up the prom paperwork (since he came from another school district), both he and my daughter were surprised to learn that Charlie's mom, Dawn, had actually been friends with my husband, Michael, back in their high school days! Seven Degrees of Separation of What?  She still attends the same church my husband used to when they were teens and heads up the women's ministry there.

So the night of the prom, we double-dated with Charlie's parents and ate at the same restaurant as our kids before driving them to the prom venue. The restaurant was filled with other prom goers who filed past our table in an endless display of bling, glitter and glam but the funniest sight was watching all the girls literally hobble in obvious excruciating agony down the corridor. It just amazed me that they would wear 4-5" inch heels that were killing their feet! At least my daughter was sensible and wore sparkly gold flats with socks and a modest dress with clear straps that didn't have to be pulled up all night or that she couldn't bend over in. What were those other girl's moms thinking? I sure don't have the money to waste on a pair of pumps that will only be worn for 10 minutes and then flung off. What's the point?

I never got to go to my own prom even though I slaved for months on a dress I had designed and sewn myself. Neither had my husband attended his (too bad we didn't know each other in high school) so we got to live vicariously through our daughter this night. Since I got a job, I was able to buy her a fairy-tale beautiful dress and splurge on a hair and make-up treatment. No limo though; I do have my limits!

We took photos at a historical site near our home and they are below for your viewing pleasure.

So tell me, what was your prom experience like? Any funny stories? Any sad stories? Any magical stories? PLEASE SHARE!

I just couldn't resist!

This is now my phone wall paper

This is my daughter's favorite 

Andrea, Karina and Charlie

A foretaste of things to at least 8 MORE YEARS!


  1. She is absolutely stunning, my friend! So wonderful to see her beautiful smile as well. I rejoice at God's amazing promises fulfilled! Kelly

  2. Thank you Kelly. I wish I could take credit for her DNA but it came from elsewhere! She's a good girl!

  3. Hello Marlayne! Happy to visit your blog today. All is well with my family, even my dad is well.
    My prom experience was a little over 30 years ago, as my 30th anniversary of graduation was yesterday.
    To think at both events my date was my future husband, still together after nearly 30 years.
    At my prom I wore a peach colored spaghetti strap stretchy knit long dress. It had a sheer long sleeve frilly over lay just from above the waist. I wore a corsage my mother bought at my waist, I believe it was white roses. The off white open-toe shoes I wore with a low heal, were the same shoes I wore at my wedding several months later.
    Prom was boring. I think I had expectation that were too high. After graduation Jeff and I went to Galveston, now that was a fun day!

  4. She looks beautiful! And isn't that just a "God thing" that he let you live vicariously and double date with an old high school friend? He restores the years that the locusts have eaten. :D