Christians Reading Fifty Shades of Gray?


I heard about a fellow blogger who posted on the reasons why she would not personally read the bestselling book: "Fifty Shades of Gray". She offered no opinion about others who read it (supposedly a lot of people who identify themselves as Christian are buying and reading this book). The firestorm that erupted over her post from her followers is a sad commentary on how morally and spiritually bankrupt  our society (including those of us who claim to be God-fearing people) has become. She lost dozens of followers who shut down her server with diatribes on how she wasn't supposed to be "so judgemental" of others. 

I have to personally admit that in my early 30s I read of lot of those trashy romance novels but I wouldn't have the "chutzpah" to justify doing so. My opinion is that if you claim to be a believer in God and a follower of Jesus Christ, then you shouldn't be doing anything in private you would feel ashamed of if Jesus physically appeared before you. Nowadays I guess anything goes (even amongst Christians) and God help the person who ever points it out and (God forbid!) actually makes someone else feel a little bit guilty! No wonder Jesus pondered in the Gospels if there would be any faith left on the earth when He returned! If a prophet from the Old Testament were to appear today and point his finger at the church (remember, judgement starts at the house of God first) the Christians would be the first ones in line to throw the stones!

I don't expect nonbelievers to adhere to a higher moral standard but I think we as Christians should strive (both in our public AND private lives) to live as God instructs us.  Do we not believe that the Lord sees everything we do? I don't pretend to be "perfect"; I fall short all the time, the same areas but what surprises me is how many Christian women are standing in line to read this book and then turning around and justifying it. This book is hard core porn without pictures from what I've heard so when a friend and I were discussing the blog post of a woman who stated five reasons (and gave supporting scriptures) as to why SHE would never personally read this book, I was shocked to hear about the vitriolic response. She didn't accuse anyone, she didn't point fingers but I guess even the mere hint of anyone standing up for what is right anymore sends a lot of people into apoplectic fits of outrage.

I posted the first part of this commentary on Facebook only to be surprised by Christian women telling me that they were about to read this book and commenting that: "If it's too S&M erotica for me, I'll stop reading it."  WHAT? 

What has happened to the church? It no longer is salt and light. When that happens Jesus says that we are no longer good for anything except to be thrown onto the ground and trampled underfoot. God help us.


  1. When I became a Christian the very first thing the Lord convicted me of was the trashy novels I used to read. Being a reader I used to read a book a day. Was I ever elated when I read my first Christian fiction hooked for life. I will not under any circumstances read anything else. I even won a Christian Fiction book through a facebook contest but upon looking at the contents decided nope not for me. So I truly agree with you on this.


  2. I would never read junk like that...

  3. Lourdes - thank you so much for your comment!

  4. That's so sad to hear about the blogger who posted about why she wouldn't read the book. It sounds like the people who reacted so viciously must have felt a lot of guilt -- she must have hit the nail on the head with her blog post.

    I, too, have absolutely no desire to read these books and it's disappointing to see how many people are obsessed with them or just letting themselves get swept up in the hype.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  5. Thank you for standing upon your Christian principles. I, too, feel that we as Christians are becoming more and more "forgiving" to the intrusion of the secular world into our world. Its like I tell my kids all the time. If we do everything that the "Lost" do, then what will ever convince them that a relationship with Him is worth pursuing?