Interview and Book Giveaway with Jason Cross


Tells us first how you came to faith in Jesus.

I actually came to Jesus kicking and screaming.  My wife (Lydia) – who was my FiancĂ© at the time – was attending an ALPHA program – which is an introduction to Christianity.  Now I was a total Agnostic at the time.  I felt Christianity – as well as all religions – was just a way to control and exhort money out of people who are hurting.  I was not an Atheist, because to say there is no God was completely ridiculous.  There is just too much evidence that there has to be a Creator – but that is a different conversation.  While attending this ALPHA Course it brought up some interesting questions and I decided that if I was going to be against Christianity then I had to come up with a better argument than just saying “I don't believe in it.”  So I researched it – thinking I would find a world of information and logic that completely disproved Christianity – and what I discovered was there was so much proof about the Resurrection that it was undeniable.  I was so surprised cause I only assumed that the proof against Christianity would be easy to find that I never bothered to really look into it.  Now I try to encourage people to look at the facts – outside of the Bible – and they too will find that there is no way to deny the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

How old were you when you wrote your first real story and what was it about?
I wrote a number of novels, short stories and scripts before I came to my first “published” novel - “His Calling!”  I started writing when I was 17 but didn't write this novel until I was 36.  Before I wrote this novel I have spent many years writing and filming my scripts and “His Calling!” was suppose to be a short comedy film that turned into something so much more.  At the screening of our short film “Alleyway” - Which you can see here – 

The actress – Eleni Leli – her sister and a friend made a pose of their Christian version of “Charlie Angels.”  I thought this would be a perfect short film.  I was trying to write a short funny film on this but all I was able to think about was this longer more serious version and I felt God was telling me to write it as a novel.  I kept trying to fight it because I was looking at the story from a filmmaker's perspective.  All I kept thinking about was how could I afford to film what was in my head.  Thankfully, my wife pushed me to give up the script and write it as a novel.  At this time I had just purchased five Christian books from the Leadership Summit we recently attended.  While I was writing the novel I kept coming to a point – because I was looking at it as something I was going to film and not a novel – where I wanted to give up on the idea.  I wanted to write something I could film and the way the idea was going it wasn't looking possible.  Five times I was determined to put the story to the side and work on my next short film and five times I came upon a line in five different books which was, “You do what you do best and let God take care of the rest.”  So I finished writing the book and it was published.  I love this story and this book but I do feel like it wasn't everything it could have been.  I limited the story because of thinking like a filmmaker and what I could afford to film.  Since I loved the story and the characters so much I decided to write a sequel novel - “His Calling 2: Inner Demons” - and this time not get stuck on how it was going to be filmed.  The result: a far superior story.  The first novel you get a great introduction to these awesome characters and a great story.  The second novel is where you have to fasten your seat belts and prepare for an awesome ride.

Where did you get the idea for your latest book?
When I heard from readers how much they loved the characters and the story from “His Calling” I knew I had to write a sequel.  In my mind I felt the story of the first one suffered because I held back because of my filmmaker frame of mind.  I wanted to write another story with these characters without that limitation.  When writing a sequel – in my opinion – you have to up the stakes.  The bad guys have be badder and the situation has to be grimmer.  I started thinking, what if you were these girls and you were given this power – from the Holy Spirit – to defeat your enemies so easily with every encounter, how long would it take before you got a little prideful?  How long would it take where you stopped doing certain things – like praying before an encounter – because you got so comfortable and it just slips your mind?  And what if the Devil has a demon watching you – on the sidelines – waiting for that moment before going on the attack?  “His Calling 2: Inner Demons” is about these 3 girls called upon by God to make a difference in people's lives start getting too comfortable and relaxed that they face a situation where the Holy Spirit is not with them and they have to handle it on their own.  Then they must find a way to get past their fears and trust in God in order to save a young girl from evil men.

What do you want readers to take away from your writing and this book in particular?
I want my readers to come away from this story knowing that we are always in spiritual warfare and we should never be relaxed with our walk.  I want them to know that the enemy is always waiting for that moment and then attacks us with our own fears.  And, most important, that if we fall in our walk, we can always get back into God's light by not listening to the lies of the enemy, getting over our fears and trusting in God.

What part of this book did you enjoy writing the most and why?
My favorite part of the book is toward the end when Debbie meets up with certain people that puts her life and her fears in perspective.  Can't say more without giving it away.

What is your favorite Bible verse?
Matthew 7:1-2.  This is a verse that I think a lot of Christians forget, yet it is so important. 

What is your favorite comfort food?

What are your hobbies other than writing?
Animation.  Before the birth of my twin girls I spent all of my free time working on film making.  I work a full time job, so my time was divided between my job, film making and being a good husband.  Now that my beautiful girls have come into the picture I have to take it out of my schedule.  With film making you have to schedule time with locations and actors.  With animation and writing you can do it when ever you have time.  I prefer this because I always want to spend time with my girls and my wonderful wife.  With writing and animation, I can do it whenever I have time without scheduling a place and other people – except actors but that is easier done with just needing to record voices.

How does your faith play into your writing?
I need my stories to have a message that glorifies God.  The first story I have ever wrote – never published - called “Demoncracy.”  I keep coming to this story, trying to figure out a way to re-write this story with a Christian message.  I haven't figured that out yet so I won't work on it.  If there is not a message that glorifies God and the Kingdom then I don't want to write it.

What is your favorite book by another author and why?
Ellen Maze.  She figured out a way to write a story with vampires and made it Biblical.  Very jealous.  Wish I thought of that. 

Favorite childhood book?
I have always been a reader.  I am sure there were many childhood book that I read but the earliest one I remember was “Cujo” by Steven King.  My father is a big horror fan so I grew up with horror movies and stories.  I remember being afraid when I was younger and how my father pointed out that they were fake and how much fun a horror story can be once you make that realization.  Again, I am sure there were plenty of child books I read but the first one I remember is “Cujo.”

Which movie has inspired you the most and why?
Recently it would have to me “Courageous.”  First, and more importantly, it inspires me as a father.  It really touched me and showed me the kind of father I want to be.  Second, it inspired me as a story teller.  I have been following Alex Kendrick's films – From “Flywheel,” to this one and I have been impressed on how he – and his team – keep improving on their art.  Very inspiring.

Where do you get most of your ideas for your books?
I get my ideas from many different sources.  Mostly I just look around me and story ideas are all over the place.  Inspiration is all around us and I thank the Lord for that.

Out of everything you have written, do you have a favorite and why?
That is a hard one.  I love all my work but I am partial to a short story I wrote called “Promises,” which is available as an eBook on most on-line stores.  I really loved how it worked out and how the ending came out.  Most people are surprised at the end, which is a good thing.

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Interview with Lorilyn Roberts and Book Giveaway!

Tell us first how you came to faith in Jesus.
I first became aware of a supernatural presence when I was four years old. I sat in our living room during a thunderstorm and watched lightening flash through the edges of the closed curtains. I believed if something could be that loud and that powerful, a superior being must have created it. The question was: whether that superior being was friendly or unfriendly.

Today the memory strikes me as profound—that I could question that deeply about such an abstract concept. Concrete reasoning is the norm until a child is about ten years old. I have often thought this was a gift—an awareness of God’s presence when I was so young, especially since I didn't grow up in a Christian home.

From that moment, I believed in the existence of God. It wasn't until later that the person of Jesus Christ became real to me. I will save that story for another time. Alternatively, you can read Seventh Dimension – The Door and gain some insights.

Where did you get the idea for your latest book?
Three years ago after I wrote my adoption memoir Children of Dreams, I sat at my desk one afternoon pondering what I should write next. I dismissed several nonfiction ideas. If I’m not passionate about a topic, how can I expect my readers to be excited about reading my story? I had an unusual concept, but I didn't have the knowledge to write fiction and I couldn't write it as nonfiction. 

I was a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature and had published a children’s picture book but I felt inadequate to write a full-length novel. If I wanted to write this story, I would have to learn more about the art of writing fiction.

At that time, I enrolled in Perelandra College. After three years of study, I wrote Seventh Dimension – The Door as part of my Masters in Creative Writing. Where did the idea come from? Much of the story comes from my own life, but I will leave the reader to ponder which parts.

I was careful to avoid “Christian” words and instead used generic terms like king, magic, seventh dimension, underlings, and garden. I wanted the story to appeal to troubled teens, but a Christian would recognize the symbolism.

What do you want readers to take away from your writing and this book in particular?
The overarching message or theme of Seventh Dimension – The Door is this: “You are a daughter of the king.”

What part of this book did you enjoy writing the most and why?
I enjoyed writing the resurrection story from a different perspective. I also enjoyed writing the angel scene because the angel described so much of what Shale had gone through that she didn't understand. It was an opportunity to share deep insights into the revelation of God in a creative and unconventional way. 

What are your hobbies other than writing?
I have scuba dived all over the world. I hope someday to have an opportunity to make more dives. I have felt closest to God when diving. I struggle to fathom why God created so much beauty underneath the ocean that so few people will ever see. It reminds me that God loves beauty so much that He creates it just because He loves to create.

I draw a comparison to writing. I write because I love to write –even if no one ever reads my books. It’s in the process of writing that I most glorify God. That means the outcome is in God’s hands. When you think about it, writing then becomes very freeing—knowing God is in control of who reads your books. You are writing for an audience of one. Scuba diving taught me to take risks, stretching me physically, mentally, emotionally, and physically, and has become a metaphor to me for writing.

What is your favorite book by another author and why?
I Iove the classics. My favorite all-time book is a classic—Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. As part of my Masters in Creative Writing, I studied the lives of several classic authors. Many of the Masters suffered severe hardship and their writings manifest such stories. They wrote out of their wantonness, engaging the reader in stories meant to convey life lessons. John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress from a jail cell.

I am probably in a minority, but I don’t read just for entertainment— I read for takeaway. How can this story make a difference in my life? What can I learn from this book? That’s why I love the classics and why they are classics. The stories have staying power because they speak to people’s hearts—needs that are eternal and struggles that are universal. Those are the kinds of books I hope to write.

Favorite childhood book?
I don’t have a favorite childhood book, but the question reminds me of a story I want to share.

My mother was a big reader and I would see her reading a lot, but we were poor so I didn't have any books. For my sixth birthday, someone gave me a book. I couldn't read it and I could never get my mother to read it to me (there was no father and my grandparents lived a thousand miles away). I would look at the pictures on the pages and make up my own story.

When I started school, I had trouble learning to read. I also had a speech impediment. As a result, the kids made fun of me and I felt stupid. I failed first grade because I couldn't read. 

When I was in third grade, I was home sick with a sore throat for a week. I had brought home my third grade reader from school. Bored, I opened up the book and began reading. The first story I read was about a Seeing Eye dog and a child that was blind. I realized for the first time, I actually enjoyed reading. From that moment, I became an avid reader. Reading became an escape for me. I also began writing short stories. I fell in love with words, stories, and books, and that has remained a lifelong passion. It just goes to show how one story in one book can change a person’s life.

My book trailer is there (I made it), as well as the first chapter of my new book, Seventh Dimension – The Door, A Young Adult Christian Fantasy, and my book as a free audiobook for whoever wants to download it.
Book Teaser:
For every child who struggles with doubt, for every kid who has been bullied, for every teen who comes from a broken home, and for every young adult who longs to be understood—this book is for you.

  Seventh Dimension – The Door, A Young Adult Christian Fantasy
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Guest Post - They Chose Not to Listen

By Donna Wasson

I am constantly astonished at the casual indifference the modern day church displays regarding end time events. Individuals who attend services, even faithfully, live their lives in some bizarre stupor, seemingly unaware of just how close we are to striking midnight on the prophetic clock. How can this possibly be?

It’s not as if they’re bereft of information on these last days. Anyone interested in learning about where events on this earth are headed, can find loads of books or DVD’s in Christian and secular bookstores, outlining what prophets through the ages have predicted about the times in which we’re living. In addition, there are enough websites and blogs dedicated to the subject to quench anyone’s curiosity, so a lack of data can’t be the issue.

So, what’s the deal? Why the apathy? It must be human nature; a defense mechanism against the realization of impending doom. Let’s use a small group of fictional passengers on the RMS Titanic as an example.

Let’s suppose the ladies and gentlemen seated at table seven in one of the ship’s elegant dining rooms, chose to continue eating, enjoying their conversation and live music, while ignoring the announcement that the ship had struck an iceberg. Were they so dazzled by the gorgeous place settings, fresh flower arrangements, gourmet food and fine wine, they were numbed to the unimaginable disaster and death that awaited them within a few short hours?
As the waiters pleaded with them to don life jackets, did they dismissively wave them away with a demand for more brandy? Why would they be concerned? After all, they were warm and comfortable inside the salon, enjoying an after-dinner cigar and playfully debating the politics of the day. They saw no imminent danger and failed to pay attention to the commotion outside on the decks, as the panicked staff frantically wrestled with the rigging on the inadequate lifeboats.

We all know the horror that followed. A short time later, those fictional passengers with their beautiful silk gowns and jewels, the handsome tuxedos, fine china and champagne bottles ended up on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, whose waters were so cold, most victims froze to death before having the chance to drown.

Why did this have to happen? After all, they were informed the ship was sinking with adequate time to make it into one of the lifeboats. A few hours of uncomfortable inconvenience, huddled with other passengers in a cramped little boat, wrapped in their furs to ward off the chill, and they would have been rescued by the crew of the RMS Carpathia the next morning. They could have lived. So, again, why? Why did they have to die?

Because they CHOSE not to heed the warnings they were given.

Oh, they didn’t form a suicide pact or anything like that. No, they chose to ignore the repeated warnings of impending disaster simply because they were having such a great time. Life was good! Staff members were no doubt tugging on their sleeves, begging them to listen. Unfortunately, they were too intoxicated by their luxurious surroundings and sensual comforts to give serious heed to the alarms, and as a result of their inaction, they died horrible deaths.

The very same disregard is happening today. Willful ignorance and hedonism are causing untold thousands of people in the so-called Christian community to shrug off the warnings given by the watchmen on the walls. Jesus saw these days coming and told the disciples about it in Luke 17: 26-33. In these verses, He detailed what life would be like when believers are instantly snatched home to be with Him.

He told us that society will be much like it was in the days of Noah and Lot. Before the flood, people in Noah’s time were eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage. In the same way, life in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah where Lot resided proceeded as it had for years; its residents were also eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building.
However, on the exact day Noah entered the ark the flood came and destroyed Noah’s neighbors along with everything that breathed air on the whole earth. Likewise, the very day Lot and his family fled to a safe distance, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven, destroying both cities. ‘Just as it was in the days of Noah (and Lot), so shall it be when the Son of Man is revealed.’

People in both of these examples were absorbed with their day to day lives and plans for the future, despite receiving plenty of warning from Noah and Lot that God’s punishment would surely fall upon the corruption and sin of those societies. Did anyone listen? Apparently not. Most people don’t seem to be listening today either.

Heck, let’s face it. Life in the Western world is pretty sweet, especially in America. Our average welfare recipient enjoys a higher standard of living than many high class citizens in other countries. The U.S. lifestyle is second to none in the history of the world, so there seems to be little to worry about. After all, “God Bless America,” right?

Even though most of us are aware that human civilization, in general, is declining morally and economically, we find it difficult to believe disaster might one day strike our home. That kind of stuff happens to other people. The worst we expect to suffer is the occasional flat tire, or being laid off a job we never liked anyway, or the slight possibility our kid would break their arm on the playground. But nothing terribly serious.

People navigate through their days, happily yapping on their cell phones, arranging to meet friends for dinner or a movie. Moms busily plan the next carpool to their child’s soccer game, negotiating whose turn it is to supply the cupcakes. Dad’s mind is consumed with that pending sales deal which might just allow him to buy the car of his dreams.

Millions get up on Sunday morning, dress up nice and drive to the Disney Land sized parking lot of their mega-church. They enter the cavernous auditorium, walk on thick carpet under the warm glow of chandeliers, greeting friends and searching out that week’s bulletin.

They stand for what seems like hours, singing meaningless stanzas of ‘worship’ choruses over and over and over and over again, accompanied by screaming guitars and enthusiastic, rock drummer wanna-bees, while colored lights flash and fog machines obscure the monitors on the stage.

Up next comes the sugary-sweet sermon of feel-good, seeker-friendly theology, congratulating those perching in the pews on what ‘good people’ they are, how much money they raised for the new community playground and that Jesus loves them and has a good plan for their lives. A closing prayer to the god of tolerance and acceptance for all people and philosophies, and everyone runs like heck for the exits, hoping to beat the crowd to Red Lobster for lunch.

Because they’re satisfied this fulfills their duty to God for the week, they feel free to subtly boast to friends and family what wonderful Christians they are, while turning their entire focus back to work, school and social planning. When they watch the evening news, manufactured by the mainstream media, they try their best to rationalize the tsunami of societal havoc coming their way. If they don’t pay attention, everything will be OK.
Those mega-churches aren’t pulling on the sleeves of their congregations, advising them of the danger that will strike any day now. They aren’t sending the deacons or teachers out with critical information regarding the impending rapture of the church. The elegant ‘passengers’ of America, with their picture perfect lives, French manicured nails, tennis teams, golf clubs and business meetings, are facing certain destruction and they don’t even know it.

Their pastoral shepherds refuse to acknowledge we’re living in the last days because that wouldn’t be good for church business; it might scare away seekers or offend members. As congregational sheep, they don’t bother reading the Word of God for themselves; therefore the vast majority is convinced they’ll go to heaven when they die.

They figure God must be happy with them because they believe Jesus really existed and they go to church every Sunday. They also give money in the offering, volunteer in the nursery every other month and don’t cheat on their taxes. They are ‘good people,’ right?
Some of them have weirdo, conspiracy theory, nut-case friends or family members who constantly sound the alarm of impending doom, as if the sky is falling and the end of the world is near. Those people are always harping on the cross and the blood of Christ and the need for repentance, which they find offensive and boring, so they smile and disregard the admonitions.

After all, life is good in the here and now, and they aren’t ready for Jesus to come back, as if that would ever happen, which they highly doubt! They have dreams they still want time to pursue and children to finish raising, so they graciously turn down the offers of DVD’s or books outlining salvation and end time teachings. It’s just too depressing to consider and things are going to be fine anyway.

Besides, the new President will fix the economy so their happy lives can continue, carefree as always. But, just like our fictional diners on the Titanic, they are headed for death and destruction. After the impending rapture occurs, they’ll be left behind to face hell on earth.

Because they are CHOOSING not to heed the warnings they are being given. The good news is they still have time to get into the lifeboat, but they’d better hurry! Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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Interview and Give Away with Messianic Jewish Believer, Flora Reigada

I am so pleased to be able to feature Flora on my blog today. She has had some incredible experiences both growing up and as a Jewish believer in Jesus. Please join me in welcoming her!

Tell us first how you came to faith in Jesus.
One of my earliest memories is of waking to the sight of emerald maple leaves swaying outside my bedroom window.   I was secure in my grandparents' Victorian home on Staten Island, New York.  My mother and I lived there with her parents and aunt, while my father was away in the military.

The kindness with which I was treated in that home, wrapped around me like the arms of my loved ones.  It is hard to believe these caring people were agnostics and atheists.  By the time I came along, the Jewish faith of our predecessors had long been abandoned in the old country.

It was not until age 18 when I began dating Dan, my husband-to-be, that I heard the words "born again" or anyone speak of the Bible as if it had authority.  Still, I did not believe and except for Dan, I had contempt for Christians.

This began to change as I experienced a series of traumatic events.  My grandparents died and we lost our beautiful family home.  After Dan and I married, his employer moved us from the northeast to southern Virginia in the "Bible belt"—a major culture shock.

Dan and I had two children in rapid succession.  Left alone in the country all day with two crying toddlers, I suffered a mental breakdown.  I began seeing a psychologist, who diagnosed me as a delusional schizophrenic.

With nowhere else to turn, I asked Dan to take me to church services at Thomas Road Baptist Church, in Lynchburg, Virginia, about twenty miles from our house.  You may recall its pastor, the late Jerry Falwell.  When the invitation was given, I went forward to receive Jesus Christ as my savior.

A few days later I had an appointment with the psychologist and I told him what had happened.

"I don't understand all that, he said.  "I only know that on your previous visit, you were a delusional schizophrenic.  Now you are not."

Shaking his head in disbelief, he showed me his notepad with the diagnosis.
In the 30-plus years since, my life with Christ has been an amazing adventure.  Although with pseudonyms, my salvation experience is recounted in my Messianic mystery, "The Face Behind the Veil." 

EBook on sale for 99 cents:

How old were you when you wrote your first real story and what was it about?
In the fifth grade, I was an unpopular and overweight student struggling with math, when my teacher Mr. DePalma, gave our class the weekly assignment that would change my life.  It was to write a fictional story on the subject of our choice, then read it aloud to classmates.

I tackled this assignment with enthusiasm, weaving classmates into my tales of adventure.  When they began to petition the teacher for me to read my stories, I emerged from obscurity.  I also realized that even though I still struggled with math, I could write.  I have been doing so ever since.

What do you want readers to take away from your writing and this book in particular?

Beginning and ending with World War II's Greatest Generation, "The Face Behind the Veil" is actually three-books-in-one, featuring three women in three periods of time: Naomi's Story, Rebecca's Story and Enter Teresa.  The book explores the mystery of the legendary birth veil, how each woman interpreted that mystery and how that related to her encounter with Jesus the Messiah.

I want the reader to join each woman in her world and see it through her eyes—to meet the brave warriors of World War II, to join Naomi in Times Square for the VJ Day celebration, but also to gather around the table with an eccentric, but warm-hearted Jewish family, for lots of love served with homemade chicken soup.

What part of this book did you enjoy writing the most and why?

My grandparents' beautiful Victorian home served as a model for the Victorian home in my book, "The Face Behind the Veil."  Writing about it brought me back to that warm house, with its crackling fireplace and the aroma of home-cooked food drifting through the rooms.  I wanted to make the reader feel welcome there, as he or she would have been in those more hospitable times.  In that safer world of yesteryear, we actually left our doors unlocked during the day.  Only at night, would my grandfather lock them.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Vaca frita, (Meaning in Spanish, fried cow) with yellow rice and black beans smothered in onions.  It is one of the playfully named, tasty dishes served at Roberto's Little Havana Cuban Restaurant in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

What is your favorite book by another author and why?
One of my favorites is the great Christian classic, Pilgrim's Progress by 17th  century English preacher, John Bunyan.  In the pages of this timeless allegory I received a promise from God that opened the windows of heaven for me, and can for others as well.  I wrote about this in my soon-to-be-published women's devotional, "Where Your Heart Meets God's."  

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Guest Post - Donna Wasson - "Public School Religion"

I read this today and was just outraged by this teacher's behavior (and by this trend in general) and felt it should be shared with all of you.

Now they’ve done it. NOW THEY’VE DONE IT! Let me tell you about a 10 year old little girl, who attends Butts Road Intermediate School, in Chesapeake, Virginia. The Blaze, an Internet news source, didn’t release her name but that’s neither here nor there in this article.

Her “teacher,” Tara Harris, joined the school in September as a fifth-grade learning disabilities, special education teacher. Let me pause to take a few, cleansing breaths so my blood pressure can come back down…OK, I’ll continue. Ms. Harris has been charged with simple assault for injuring this child’s hand while forcing the class to learn…*gasp* *shudder* Islamic hand signs.

EXCUSE ME?? I don’t think I read that right. You mean to tell me a teacher in a public school system in this country, was teaching Islamic hand signs? The child’s mother, Stephanie Bennett, told The Blaze that this…this Ms. Harris has a disturbing trend of “indoctrinating” students with Islamic teachings. She also openly campaigns for President Obama and bashes GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, according to the testimony of several of her students.

Ms. Bennett, the mother, states, “The teacher was going over Islamic hand signs with the children—she stayed on this issue for two days straight, during their reading and math class.” The Blaze reports, when Bennett’s daughter was unable to perform the Islamic hand sign correctly after two days of instruction, Harris became frustrated and attempted to twist the girl’s fingers to make the Islamic gesture, which means, “power and strength.”

The mother continues, “When she didn't get it right, [Harris] went over and yanked her hand out of her desk and my daughter’s hand got hung up on the metal wire on her file folder, and the skin got caught on it. The other children saw my daughter’s hand dripping with blood after the teacher had gotten so mad that she went to twist my daughter’s hand into an Islamic sign.”

She immediately filed a police report, and Ms. Harris was placed on administrative leave. The next day, Ms. Bennett was informed by school officials that the teacher had been terminated from the Chesapeake Public School system all together. The Blaze was unable to independently confirm this.
The child told her mother that Harris “prays to Allah in Arabic” approximately five times a day in front of students, and teaches them about Islam and how it is superior to other religions. *inhale deeply*

Another parent, Nita Redditt, states that her son was scared to go back to the classroom the next day. “I think he was intimidated. I couldn’t believe what was going on in the classroom in regards to this teacher praying to Allah, and having them pray with her.” WHAT??? Oh no, you didn’t! Huh-uh! I don’t think so!

Oh…Oooo…Arggg…WHERE do I start? This is so outrageous on so many different levels, that it’s difficult to choose where to begin.

Here is an educated woman, who chose to work directly with learning disabled, special education children. This would demand a person who possesses a kind, calm demeanor and extreme patience, to be successful in such a career. This was obviously a BAD CHOICE of specialties on her part! As the teacher, she was fully aware this little girl suffers from a processing disorder, making it difficult for her to quickly grasp ideas, like (stupid) hand signs.

Did this matter to Ms. Harris? Nope. She was too caught up, selfishly defiling this kid by forcing her to perform on cue, like some animal she was attempting to train. For her to “yank” this child’s hand out of her desk for something this insidious, clearly demonstrates how untrustworthy she is to be around any child, much less those who need extra compassionate attention. Hey Ms. Harris—why don’t you try yanking and injuring MY kid’s hand and see what happens. I dare you. Grrrrrrr…

Now to the obvious. I bet you can guess what I’m going to say. WHY, pray tell, has this…this…Koran thumping, bigoted, abusive, Christophobic twit been allowed to RELIGIOUSLY RAPE these children in a government school classroom?? You mean to tell me NO other teacher or member of administration was aware she was forcing her religious beliefs on these impressionable, innocent, dependent kids? NO ONE? You’re joking, right?

That is absolutely inexcusable either way. If the school was aware she was openly, aggressively proselytizing Islam, then they are guilty of violating the government’s favorite phrase, (everybody say it with me), “the separation between church and state,” now, aren’t they?

And if this school denies any knowledge of this teacher’s activities, what the heck else are they unaware of?? Who’s to say she’s not sexually assaulting them also? Or forcing them to memorize parts of the Koran? Or keeping these kids silent by threatening to kill their parents or pets if they tell what she’s teaching them?

Why isn’t this on the national news? It would probably be the lead story if this were a Christian teacher, telling these children that Jesus loves them! Oh the horror! Was this even featured on the local news? I highly doubt it. A Christian teacher doing this sort of thing would be arrested and paraded naked on Main Street at noon!

Where are the loud-mouthed, intrusive, busybody ‘Freedom >From Religion’ people? Huh? Why aren’t they marching on the school grounds with their stupid signs, and filing a lawsuit in court? Why aren’t they on CNN, making a statement about how angry they are that, in this day and age, these children are being exposed to the ridiculous claims of the existence of god?

Where is the rabid, mouth foaming, snarling attack dog against all things Christian, the ACLU? In what Federal Court is their suit filed? Where is their outrage on this? If you pause for a moment, you can hear crickets in the silence.

Can you just imagine the hysterical, hair tearing, garment rending, screaming rants of the main stream media, Hollywood ‘stars’, members of Congress and even our very favorite Muslim, President Obama, if this woman was a Christian? I am dumbfounded by the blatant, double standard being applied here!

Let’s see, how does this usually go? Oh yeah, “How DARE this woman use the tax-payer’s money and time to force her religious beliefs on these children!”

She was hired for a specific task. She was to teach the customary, inadequate ‘curriculum of excellence,’ regurgitated by this nation’s public school system, which spits out high school graduates who can’t read above a 3rd grade level. Was that really too much to ask?

Where did she get the idea she had the right to indulge her big ‘ol, pushy self by wasting these student’s time, forcing them to learn her wicked, false religion? Hey, no one seems too upset about this, so this must mean prayer is allowed back in the classroom! Right. As if.

This ‘lady’ must worship the, “Islam: Make up the rules as you go,” sect of this filthy belief system. I’m providing the link to this story and in the accompanying photo, featuring this disciple of dog doo. Notice that she has a glass of red wine on the table in front of her. Wait a minute; I thought Islam forbid drinking alcohol!

But this seems to be the new normal in America today doesn’t it? She’s an exalted Muslim and can do anything she wants, ignore any law she wants, as long as she is spreading the teachings of Allah. After all, we’re supposed to be tolerant. However, if a Christian so much as opens their mouth to yawn in a public school building, there’s hell to pay.

Think this is an isolated incident? Au contraire. Are you kidding? Apparently, public schools in Minnesota close for two days each year, so the teacher’s union members can hold their annual Education Minnesota Professional Conference. What new topical gems are they planning to pass on to the students this next school year? Let’s look at a list.

“Using Personal Dolls to Promote Social Emotional Intelligence and Acceptance of Diversity” Uh-huh. Teachers learning to play with dolls. Sounds like a critical teaching skill to me.

“Teaching Students to be Peacemakers” Good luck with that.

“The State of Minnesota Schools and LGBTQ Youth: A Roundtable Discussion” Umm, WHY are these people spending time discussing their student’s budding sexuality, and learning how to ensure they understand the different types of perversions that are socially acceptable today? How about we concentrate on reading instead?

And the capstone, my favorite… “Teaching about Islam in the Context of Social Studies and World Religion” Okaaay. Well, actually it’s NOT okay at all!

What does the teacher’s union say about this session? “An expert panel will present information on teaching about Islam. They will share perspectives on how educators can help improve intercultural communication and well-being for immigrant and refugee students and families from Muslim countries.” Why don’t you teach these immigrants how to assimilate into American society instead? Oh right, that would make sense.

What the heck? Is Minnesota being overrun with Muslim refugees all of a sudden? Are the students going to be informed about who flew airplanes into our World Trade Center Towers on 9/11? Will they be given handouts to color, depicting Islamic suicide bombers blowing up American soldiers or innocent Israeli children? Will they receive a photograph of the Fogel family, who were butchered in their beds by Palestinian cowards? I’m guessing not.

Can someone please explain to me why our government schools are suddenly so enamored with religion and Islam in particular? I thought we didn’t talk about religion in schools. I was under the impression that the sky would fall, and cats would spontaneously explode if anyone, anywhere in Obama’s “57 states” even mentioned the concept of there being a god! No? When did this change, ‘cause I sure missed the news coverage.

So, can I infer from these reports, that prayer and the teaching of religion are once again allowed in school? Oh, could it actually be true?? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? But, who am I kidding? We all know this only pertains to the politically correct religion of that pagan moon god, and his wicked, nut-job prophet. Christianity is still relegated to the dumpster out back, thrown away with those little containers of sour milk, and leftovers from Michelle Obama’s approved school lunches.

What galls me the most about the encroaching threat of Islam into this country and into our schools is that NO ONE is saying a word about it! Church, where are you?? Put down your donuts and designer coffee at the sanctuary coffee bar, and DO something useful for once!! Lift your voices in collective outrage at the hypocritical, double standard being smeared in our face!

What’s the deal? You too busy being all touchy-feely emergent, or spitting on Israel to pay attention to what your little darlings are being taught in their government classrooms? Are you really that captivated with your stupid tennis team or golf game to bother, yet you have the gall to sit back and whine about the political system, while you sit in front of your 90 inch, flat screen TV watching Jersey Shore?

I suggest we all investigate if this outrage is occurring in our own states. If so, who’s gonna have the intestinal fortitude to do something about it? Who’s going to publicly call our leaders out for their failure to separate church and state in these instances? After all, they always frantically pummel Christians into silence by continually screeching that non-existent, so-called Constitutional rule.

By golly, if they are going to start pushing Islam on our children, then we need to demand Christianity be taught as well. After all, being tolerant and espousing diversity is the politically correct name of the game, isn’t it?

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The Happiest Place on Earth

Like many people of my generation (the baby boomers) I grew up with Walt Disney (Uncle Walt) and Disneyland. Disneyland opened in 1955. My first memory of going there was at Christmas time when I was only three.  I remember my dad putting me on top of a mailbox on Main Street so I could watch a Disney Parade go by. Somewhere in my house is an old cardboard box with a photo of me in front of the tall Christmas Tree on Main Street.

Every Sunday night, I would watch the Wonderful World of Disney with Walt Disney in which he would showcase Disneyland, new attractions and movies based upon things he had there.  To us kids in the early 1960’s, Disneyland was absolute paradise and a rare treat. Even though it was more affordable back then, we only got to go once a year on average.  It took my family an hour to drive from our home to Anaheim and back then all you saw was 45 minutes of Orange Groves until the snowy peaks of the Matterhorn peaked out over the tops of the greenery. I always used to wonder how the Matterhorn always managed to have snow on it all year round.  Spotting the Matterhorn first became a generational game of me and my peers.

Back then we had ticket books and the E-tickets were always for THE BEST rides (that is where the term came from). In its infancy, the best rides were the Matterhorn, the Submarine ride and the Jungle Boat Cruise.  We used to wait in line for HOURS for the Jungle Boat Cruise. It was the ultimate goal of every teenage boy to earn the status of being Jungle Boat captain (and my brother in law, Steve, earned that distinction). When I turned ten, Disney changed from ticket books to a flat rate ($3.50 for the whole day back then).  I wanted to LIVE at Disneyland or at least live across the street so I could go every day. I actually still have some old ticket books and a 1962 guidebook still in pristine condition.  It took me until age 9 to get up the nerve to go on The Matterhorn.  It went a lot faster back then. Disneyland was the one place your parents could (and still can) drop you off for the entire day and know you will be safe. One of the things I ALWAYS had to have as a souvenir was the black Mickey Mouse ears with my name on it in gold thread. I always had to have them custom stitched because my name is so unusual.

It was also the dream of most children of my generation in America to stay at the Disneyland Hotel . I’m now 53 and I have yet to stay there but I did have a nice dinner at the Napa Rose this past Saturday at the Grand California. One of these days I will have to make good on that dream.

Like many other children I also felt a very special bond to Uncle Walt and actually cried quite a bit when he died.  It really was like losing a member of my family.

I have grown up with Disneyland my entire life and seen attractions come and go. One of my favorite memories is one of the first times I went to Disneyland with my husband when we were still dating.  We were riding in the Haunted Mansion and he was telling me how there used to be a guy in a suite of armor that would stand in one particular place and scare people.  I turned to him and said: “Look, I’ve been on this ride a hundred times and I've never seen a guy in a suit of armor!” No sooner were the words out of my mouth then our car swiveled sharply around and a guy in a suit of armor lunged at me. I screamed bloody murder! It was so perfect it was almost like a set up. I’m sure he had heard me and was probably laughing himself sick behind his metal visor at me.

When I was in my early 20’s I worked with a girl whose husband was in a band that played at the Tomorrow Land Terrace and one night we had the thrill of getting to go underneath the stage and see what it looked like before it rose up for their performance.

But my all time favorite thing is the fireworks and Tinkerbell. I still get chills of delight up my spine whenever I see her fly across the sky. I was there the Sunday right after 9-11 in 2001 and like many others, worried about a terrorist attack there. The fireworks that night were a tribute to America and there wasn't a dry eye around us.

For my birthday this past Saturday we went back for the first time in over five years. Losing my job, the economy and obscene price for a day (and Annual) pass had made Disneyland a very low priority and my husband and I discovered that we had really missed it.

We went to a newly redone California Adventure which now featured an entire CARS land which was really cool. We spent the entire day talking about what we had done with our daughter there when she was young. That night I got to see the Wonderful World of Color Show on the lake for the first time and my jaw literally dropped open in awe and stayed that way throughout the performance. I felt like a five year old child again; experiencing anew all the wonder and delight of being at Disneyland like it was the first time.

Do you have a favorite Disney memory? I would love to hear all about it! Post it in the comments section below.