The Jewish High Holy Days and Bible Prophecy

Disclaimer:  I am not a Bible Prophecy expert or a Bible scholar in any sense of the word.

Growing up in a reformed (liberal) Jewish home, there was always one holiday in the fall that I came to dread as a child: Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement).  To a child who wasn't particularly religious it was absolute torture. It meant sitting all day in temple with nothing to do while listening to the services in a mixture of English and Hebrew (which I did not understand).  It also meant not eating or drinking all day.  Add to this the uncertainty of not knowing whether I had racked up enough "brownie points" with God to be forgiven (my good deeds outweighing my bad deeds) and you've got one bored, starving and dehydrated paranoid girl!

In 1977 that all changed when my eyes were miraculously opened to discover that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah my people had been waiting for.  That I could know that I was forgiven and the biggest shocker of all...He was coming back...perhaps in my lifetime!!  I became an instant Bible Prophecy nut and devoured everything I could read on the subject.  Imagine my utter amazement when I discovered that the Jewish Feasts and High Holy Days represented significant events in Jesus' first and second comings! 

Everything Jesus did in His earthly ministry was timed perfectly down to the day and hour.  A wonderful example of this is the prophecy in the ninth chapter of Daniel given by the Angel about the number of days it would be until the Messiah arrived. Without going into all the detail here (see my resource links below), Daniel was basically told that it would be exactly 173,880 days from an event yet future until the Messiah arrived.  Exactly that many days later, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday in which he allowed the crowds for the first time to hail him as their Messiah and King! The rabbis had no excuse for not recognizing him.

Jesus' first coming fulfilled the ordained Jewish feasts of Passover (his death), First Fruits (His resurrection) and Shavuot (Pentecost).  The Fall Feasts have yet to experience their fulfillment in His Second Coming so every year when September rolls around I found myself anticipating, expecting and hoping that this year will be the year of their fulfillment. 

Because of all that is currently going on in the world; and the judgments I see coming from God upon the world in the form of economic turmoil, mass bird, mammal and fish die-offs; hurricanes, tsunami's, major earthquakes, floods, pestilence, drought and current events in the Middle East I am especially excited about this fall.

Could this be the year that Jesus calls the church home and the 70th week of Daniel begins? Rosh Hashanah (The Feast of Trumpets) falls on September 29th this year (the date on which many Bible scholars believe that Jesus was actually born). There are some other fascinating things going on in the Universe at the same time (see link to the comet Elenin).

Now is the time to take stock of ourselves spiritually. Are we living for God or ourselves? Are we prepared to meet Him should this be the year? Are we walking in the light and sharing as best we can with a frightened world?  Even those who are not particularly religious seem to sense that world events are spinning out of control and coming to some dramatic conclusion.  The only thing we can truly put our trust in is The Lord and to be the salt and light He has called us to be.

If you don't know the Lord and would like to, feel free to email me personally and we can chat but I'm not here to convince you intellectually with persuasive arguments; it's a decision of the will and the heart. 

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