One "hit" wonder?

Quite frankly I'm not even sure I could use the term "hit" since my first book, The Victor, has not yet (notice I use the term "yet") become a nationwide bestseller; but I'm working on reader at a time!

I always loved to write as a kid and being lonely; it provided a great way for me to self-entertain.  I honed my craft by reading copious amounts of books which my mom, a part-time librarian, would bring home on a weekly basis; collecting words as phrases as others would collect stamps or fine china.

At age 12 I met my friend, Lisa. We would take turns sleeping over each other’s homes every weekend in the early 1970s. I fondly remember the feeling of happy anticipation as I watched The Mary Tyler Moore show on Saturday nights while waiting for her to come over.  Then one Saturday she surprised me with something that would greatly impact my life as an adult.  She showed me a short story she had written.  We got down on our stomachs and began to read and to my amazement, WE were in the story as characters! She had put us in our favorite television show at the time, “The Six Million Dollar Man”!
We read aloud to each other and I screamed and cried with laughter.  It was so MUCH FUN! There's nothing quite like seeing your name and yourself in a story.  From that moment on I was hooked!  I wrote the next one, then she wrote another and pretty soon, we had each written a couple hundred of these short stories (and one full "feauture length") in which we starred as the main characters.

Pretty soon, however, I began to notice a disturbing trend...Lisa (who aspired to be a teacher) began to ‘redline” my stories. I was outraged! I got so peeved I found myself determined to write stories she couldn’t find fault with which greatly improved my writing skills. 

It was also at Lisa’s suggestion that I checked into online publishing that led me to Tate Publishing and ultimately to realizing my life-long dream to see my book, The Victor, in print almost 30 years after I first began to write it.

Writing short stories has come full circle again only now I write them for others where I grant wishes in the hopes of not only blessing those for whom they are written but others who don't even know them as well. I have compiled a compiled 35 of these short stories into a book called Make a Wish and have since written another 15 for a new book.  I'm always on the look-out for new "wishes" so if you are so inclined, feel free to write to me and tell me what yours is!

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  1. Marlayne,

    I love the new blog and look forward to your postings and hearing updates from you!