I will be giving away personally signed copies of all three of my books (The Victor, Make a Wish, and In Plain Sight) to whoever refers the most followers to this blog.


The person you refer (and you) have to follow the blog and sign up for the newsletter.
They have to email me personally and let me know who referred them and provide your email address.
The contest ends September 30th 2011.

I will keep track of all entries and notify the winner via email as well as post it on the blog and newsletter.



  1. great idea for a contest! I'm going to give it a try cause I love Marlayne's books!

  2. Hi Marlayne, I saw your interview and you looked lovely! Love your hair!
    I was reading the Halloween article. Your daughter is beautiful! Even though John and I haven't been blessed with children, we ministered to children for many years. The Lord prompted me years ago to turn that night into an opportunity to share the Gospel. The American Tract Society sells tracts for children and even has Halloween "kits". The tracts have word search and other puzzles to get the child's interest. Each tract clearly shares the Gospel. I literally stuff zip lock sandwich bags with candy and a tract. One year, I prepared over 100 tracts and most of them were given out at our door to children with smiling faces and a open pillow case or decorative bag. They always smiled when they saw the bags stuffed with candy. (A good variety in each bag.) We have had parents thank us for sharing the Gospel with their children. We are in a new neighborhood and a whole new mission field. =-) Blessings!

  3. Hi Kathy - what a wonderful idea you have! You may not see the "fruit" of your labors but you have been faithful in planting valuable seeds! May your efforts be truly blessed!